May 12, 2010


Hello you called I can't hear a thing....
Just thought it had a ring to it.
This is just a showing of the creativity of Haus of Gaga,which is a group of stylists, choreographers and designers that  put together  wacky  ideas  for Gaga



White = the new black

Sexy nudes

Statement jewellery

Statement Pieces

Chloé Paraty python bag

J.J Winters Envelope Chain Bag

Yves Saint Laurent Oversized tote

Killer boots

The "structured" look

Modified Harem

Simplicity and the re-invention of the LBD

Fashion scoop predicts...

Black lips.Edgy hair.
Big trend

Playful sinful colours

 scoop of this week....

Then. . .

And now.
Fashion meets music.
at the right doses i think it could works.
This is so out there.
Kelis in Acapella.
Lots of Alexander McQueen inspirations.

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