February 25, 2011


1. Other fellow front row seaters 2. The runway on the Nelson Mandela Bridge 3. White rara sashy dress 4. Skirt and pussy bow combo 5.Victorian type old school dress 6.Chanel tatoo art & Vintage brown shoes 7.Off shoulder purple dress from Sowearto.

 Nelso Mandela Bridge. 92 Models. Lights. Celebs. & The whose who of fashion, editors and bloggers alike.
David Tlale Couture.
Did it live up to expectation? Was too much weighted on 'the final show'?
Firstly, it was a 10pm for 12: 10pm.
It started some 2hours later than anticipated.
Mind you the show was shorter than the wait for it to actually start.
I, for one, have seen almost 60% of those designs but the international powerhouses such as McQueen, Viktor & Rolf etc etc...
However, I do believe that as African designers one has to showcase something more authenic and true to one self. Fashion is fashion. Agreed. And things are often copied or altered and made anew.
However, I was left craving for more. Expecting MUCH more from this collection.
There was a section inspired by swan lake (poofy white skirts, dressed, suits), spanish type clothing all flowy and floral and blacks.Great designs undoubtably not as creative as I had hoped for.
And then just as the last few models walked off the runway..
*boom bang dooof*
Think that was overstated. It should have been the perfect end to an immaculate collection however it left me with lots of questions.
Conclusion: An eventful night, however sadly, NO BANG. . .

February 9, 2011

Lychee Luxe

Tulle skirt YDE, Shirt VIDA, Snake skin black shoes NOSE.

So I wore this really poofy skirt to the mall today, and u would swear I was from another planet.
think people are used to seeing people dress 'casual' too often or it could be that I was holding balloons.
I have decided to wear what ever i please whenever I please.
Why should anyone tell you otherwise?

I have this super crush on Anna Della Russo, Editor in Chief of Vogue Japan...
she has a watermelon hairband
she wears COUTURE during the day
Thats why.
so i leave you with this to think about.
They will stare and then they will copy, give them something worth while.
Kiss Kiss
x x x

February 8, 2011


o la la...
just felt like saying that.
think its the skirt effect.
I'm wearing Zoom shoes, Louis Vuitton bag, o la la skirt and Coco inspired blazer from Malaysia

<3 is in the *air*
and its reflecting in the way i'm dressing, its true what they say that fashion is more than clothing its a feeling, its in the sky in the streets, what we do, how we live.
So that explains this romantic avec patent leather Louis-look.
What you planning on Valentines?
Most important, Graduation and Fashion week..
What to wear
x x x

February 4, 2011

"Pretty woman, walking down the street. . ."

50's Blue Dress (Malaysia), Gold and printed shoes (Aldo), Ring (Sass Diva)

I'm really starting to enjoy these photo shoots, in between job seeking and just chilling at home, I suppose it turns the super model button on in me..if such exists.
its a friday, was looking for something classic,simply, flow-y and effortless.
And these Aldo shoes are the first 'expensive' heels I got...
and among the sea of shoes I have I remembered these...
funny how you get something a while back and it works with something new.
Fashion, I suppose.
I saw something really intresting in the Hong Kong Elle, excited to try it out...

ps: keep posted, comment & invite people to follow the blog.

x x x

February 2, 2011

*rOck n rOll*

Wearing Cream blouse, high waisted shorts *both from Malaysia* , studed shoes from YDE

February 1, 2011


Blue and white bouse (Malaysia), Black pants (Traffic, Cape Town), Tina Lui heels

Happy happy new year !!!!
I do realise it is FEBRUARY. and i have been off since last year...
it does sound a lil hectic....however don't want to bore you with the how why and such....
just know i remembered by password and i'm OFFICIALLY back
Not single anymore.
Whats new with you? become obssessed with ASIAN fashion...
crazy textures and lines and designer meets streetwear.
thats me.
Joburg fashion week is up really soon....
trying to get my hands on a few tickets

                                                              Check you 2mrw xoxo