May 22, 2010

A girl worth kissing is not easily kissed. . .

 Sometimes style is so simple.
Like everything in life it has a focus.
I fell in love with this patent black clutch by ASOS black collection
just found the existance of ASOS from this other totally amazing fashion blog called 5inch and up
OFF topic i know but look at how a simple bag can be tranformed into different looks.

All in the details lovelies :)
Sondra Roberts clutch 
ahhhh...think this is more of a romantic bag....if that makes any sense what so ever.....
Look how you can wear this. . .

 Santi bag
I like.I like so much that i think i love kinda like.
Its different & something people would definitely pass in thse stores.
I am that shopper.
I would walk passed it.Then go home. Then come right back for this
before you disagree...which you are allowed see what i mean


You see.
Even neutrals can be worn in a different way...
its all about the perspective of the way you want to interprete the piece best.
Somehow i do think there are no rules in fashion there is no right or wrong.
I do acknowledge something such as bad taste...
But for the most part of it is is 100% inspiration, love and craziness that lead to "the best dressed"

Maddy Karen

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Neo Mashigo said...

fantabulous only thing missin is the place to be...the big Apple