May 17, 2010

Blow Out thE Candles.Make a Wish

Because its my 20th Birthday......

I knew it.Atleast 30 Followers...YAY!!!
i am offficially twenty.
more responsibility.
more hard work.
more fun.
more to life.

I decided today that being 20 means that
* You can hate me but i'll still Be me
*Will jump in the deepest sea and climb the highest mountain
*My dreams are more massive,More UNREALISTIC AND IDEALISTIC!!!!!

and fashion is me, I am fashion
I just wana rule the world
Is that too much to ask for??

Birthday wish : World peace......lmao......Christian Louboutins....please???
Maddy K @ 20

1 comment:

Neo Mashigo said...

luv it....
welcome 2 semi-adulthood Mila