October 23, 2011

Africa Fashion Week

Black vintage skirt - Fruitcake.Pink platforms- Zoom


Madame Wokkie

                                                      Jacob Kimmie
                                                       Thula Sindi

So often you find designers mimicing other designers one often finds yourself thinking you've seen something exactly similar before.This wasn't the case with AFI. African designers continue to surprise me. From adventurous accesories to bold statement shapes and cuts. I love the authenticity of the designs and the flattering silhouettes. Check the other designers out on www.afisa.co.za/

August 7, 2011


Its Womens Month. Think thats a valid reason for me to come out of my blogtirement.
I wish my reason was that I was simply busy but lets not make excuses.I am back and thanks to the followers. I want to fill you in on where I am right now- but first lets catch up like a long lost friend, I'll hope I can fill you in on what's been happening.
Here are some pictures from My Graduation Soiree. Many a stressed night of planning and it turned out beautiful, There were many friends + family that came through. I just chose a few pictures with my bff and my uncles. We had ballerina's come into Kanye West's runaway- I know I am quite theatrical and I invisioned the whole thing it turned out perfect.
Happy Women's Day to those in SA!

May 10, 2011

Quelqu’un M’a Dit

                                On me dit que nos vies ne valent pas grand-chose

                                Elles passent en un instant comme fanent les roses

                                    On me dit que le temps qui glisse est un salaud

                                          Que de nos chagrins il s'en fait des manteaux

So, the song in the midst the pictures is by the French presidents wife, Carla Bruni. And excuse my french..but its a cute love song the title means " Someone told me". The few words basically say I am told that our liuves are not worth much. It  passes in an instant, like wilting roses. I was told that time that passes is like a bastard that cloaks himself in our sorrow/grief... Its a really sweet song.
I don't mean to make you take a notebook and look back and find a sense of solitude where you are alone with your thoughts and all that deep ish. Just to grab life by the horns and conquer the bull.

In the past few weeks, I went to Zambia for a wedding. I got the ELLE internship starting in June (yay). I had a huge graduation party thrown for me, I stopped and counted my blessings.

What has happened to make you look back and make you thankful for love/life/happiness?

Outfit : Black poofy skirt (yde), Black pumps (zoom), black net hat, black top (krush culture).
ps: I dyed my hair, yah, my actual hair... love the change. What do you think?

April 25, 2011

They call me 'HER'. . .

Green high waisted skirt YDE, Slouchy vintage top Krush Culture & Zoom platforms

Hey lovelies!!!!!!!!It's been some time. For those,like me, who celebrate Easter...Hope it was blessed. For those of you that celebrate something else or don't celebrate it at all, I wish this time was relaxing and ur well rested :). I am a sucker for finding treasures that people will disregard. I love the compliment u get when u rock something that would have otherwise been considered 'ugly' or 'unfashionable'. You see, for me, I have re-established what beauty is, beauty is that moment, even if it was a split second, of connecting or  captivation that won't go away-it lasts in your memory for ever...lol. Ok, i'm exaggerating...but it makes an impact. If u know what I mean!!! I always read ur suggestions, comments that make me smile like a shy school girl with the biggest crush,and I really appreciate it A LOT!!!!! Keep 'em rolling. If u want me to chec out a blog or read something..pleasure..don't feel shy, we are friends....VIRTUALLY...lol.

Love u


April 18, 2011

U might mistake me for a heartbreaker, 'cause there's blood on the floor. . .

When last did you do something so totally-out-of-the box? I felt that way when I wore this crochet black bare midrift top I got from some designer at IFS (International Fashion Sale) and these formal black pants from Krush Culture accompanied by these black zoom pumps. I would not really be soo confident to walk everywhere with this look. But, It has that elememnt of ease. BTW, I'm on Lookbook, decided to join like in March.. be amazing and check out/hype/love my looks over there.
I have exciting news to share. . .
Next post ;)
So I would like to know, What look should I try out next?

April 12, 2011

Devil wears Prada. . .

1 & 4 .Me wearing Leopard print dress, grey shoes and red J.Lo inspired hat 2. Picture from Vogue 3.Marie Claire editorial 5.Picture from Tumblr 6. Forgot the source.

I have been busy lovelies!!! But I'm back. Was so inspired by these pictures I had to share...
I love how certain colours look on dark skin. The last picture is my favourite of all time.
SO check up on my life these few weeks, went for that interview like the 3rd one still waiting on feedback, but its hopeful. Tommorow I have an interview for a marketing internship at ELLE (SA), its biiiig, what to wear??? Help?! Hope u guys have been amazing, thanks for all the loveli comments and blog awards. Truely humbled. I saw this quote on some super amazing blog. with love & lipstick, that says...'Life is too short to spend hoping that the perfectly arched eyebrow or the hottest lip shade will mask an ugly heart'. . .
What are your thoughts on that?
Love u
x o

April 1, 2011

"Oh mama mama mama, I JUST shot a MAN DOWN."

Shoes Europa Art, Dress Foshini. Tuban made from leggings..

". . . I never though I'd do it...."
Those are lyrics from a song from Rihanna's lastest album Loud, its called Man Down. Thought it was best fitting since the turban makes me look jamaican-african-trbe-jungle boogie . Its funny how African print has been adopted into fashion these days. Amazing actually. Seen on reallt fashion forward stars like Solange, this is a really nice way to bring in eccentric pattern and print into everyday outfits and give it a highe end, 'different' vibe.
 So will give you guys feedback on the whole interviewjob thing sooon as everything is made clear :)
Its the weeeeekkkeeend, and saturday marks my 6 monthiversary ( one of those people who think its lame to call it an anniversary since its not a year ..yet)  with my bf and a shopping explosion and party on saturday.
Will post pics of what I get...

March 26, 2011

Money, Honey

Pants from Krush Kulture, Top, shoes and assesories Monsiuer Le Price
Fierce. . . hehe.

Welcome to the new followers & much thanks for all your lovely words. Truely humbled. I've been trying to put up a new post since the last one. But you know..life happens. So I went to an interview yesterday, friday the 25th, it was a position of an assistant financial manager with a leading fashion brand.I totally love the idea of doing what makes you want to wake up in the morning everyday and getting paid for it is just a reward. So, as a good friend always says to me 'There is a million ways to make a million', I am so eager to learn as much as I know. Hope I get the job...
Happy, peaceful & epic weekend to all you loveli people

March 18, 2011

Janele Monae-esque

Louis Vuitton bag, Aldo Patent Shoes, High waisted pants, Plain white shirt & Silk bowtie

No words. Just pictures.

March 15, 2011

21st Century Girl

Recently, I have been into the whole minimalist look. Sometimes the garmet should be able to speak for itself. A good fitted outfit is better than a plain outfit with an abundance of accessories in my opinion.
Clothing, now days, has the effect of speaking without actually saying anything. I have tried to track down Jeffrey Campbell shoes in South Africa as well as Loubies but to no avail. Had this convo with a friend at a braai (bbq) recently, and we came to a conclusion that its not that in Africa we don't know much about designers, we don't really have stores that are offered in high fashion/trendy fashion at a specific price bracket. We don't have the Zara, New Look, Forever 21 etc etc...that the Americas/ European countries have and we have come to a point where there is no authenticity with African designers anymore. Even, if that is not a problem, in Malaysia you could have the latest trends available in your normal type of shops its not such a big deal that you have to go to the 'known' retailers.
Is Africa not at par with the fashion capitals yet?

March 12, 2011

I may be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it. . .

Skirt: YDE, Boots: Aldo Top & Accesories :Monsieur Le Price

I would be lying if I said I 'recently' became fixated with chunky jewellery and necklaces. Truth is, I always feel two ways about it, it can either be 'too much' or 'too little' .So onto the necklaces, I love the take on primitive-glam-rocker-hobo-religious-punk that it exudes. I have been collecting whenever I see them and my philosophy with some purchases especially refering to clothes is...'If you don't buy now, you will regret later..' and even though I say this I have been at the regret side a lot. More like, I always think will that go with anything I  have. When I should be asking, Where's my PLASTIC  at ?

March 10, 2011

Don't be a drag, just be a queen. . .

Wearing: Krush Culture mesh Vintage dress, Aldo Patent Black shoes

. . .Whether you're broke or evergreen

                                              You're black, white, beige, chola descent

                                                       You're Lebanese, you're orient

                                                           Whether life's disabilities

                                                 Left you outcast, bullied, or teased

                                                      Rejoice and love yourself today

                                                  'cause baby you were born this way. . .'
Yes, I am quoting Lady Gaga. I do love her despite what people say. I find her amusing. Sort of like how I find flamboyant people. Amusing. Refreshing.Unique. People, are too 'safe' and I love how she can wear UNDERWEAR with some stockings and heels and hold her head up high. Ke$ha is garabage-chic different...there is no taste there!!! However, she relays the same message We are who we are.
I am in conflict with myself, over my blog, I just wanted it to be that blog, where you ooh-and-ahh over different ways to wear something and regarding to style in general. BUT, I decided that this would just represent one-side to how I view fashion and thats only the aesthetics...what about pressing issues in fashion, DIYs on how to make things (fashion and food), events, inputs and creating more of a forum? In time, just would like to welcome firstly the new followers and people who just browse through the blog. Take the next step and follow, there is no pre-nup however there is no divorce either. . .