May 27, 2010

Capture me.

Sources ( Paris "07/weburbanist)


I don't even think its appropriate to offer my opinion on his work.
But i will do so, so often we are mesmorised by a picture, but i don't really think it is about the aesthetics or the beauty of the subject that defines that 'awe' or 'speechless-ness' one gets from seeing a picture...more so the way it is interpreted. the colour the angles and the strength/sadness/happiness/elation/ vulnerability that you feel when you see the picture.

Source (top fashion photographers)

I like her work for the take on romance in every picture, i think she makes everything seem so soft and feminine, think thats her personal "signiture".Everything seems so brezzy and if i could put a season to her pictures I would say summer after light rain.

Source( top fashion photographers)
Movement & Story telling.
nothing more & nothing short of amazing.




And. . .and. . .and . . .
wanted to put up so many different photographers up, the last three i'm not too sure about all their campaigns but they have amazing work.First the genious that goes into thinking about such a shoot then actually executing it.Different photographers = different perspectives and ways of telling the "story" or interpreting the item of clothing or just changing perspectives.

May 22, 2010

A girl worth kissing is not easily kissed. . .

 Sometimes style is so simple.
Like everything in life it has a focus.
I fell in love with this patent black clutch by ASOS black collection
just found the existance of ASOS from this other totally amazing fashion blog called 5inch and up
OFF topic i know but look at how a simple bag can be tranformed into different looks.

All in the details lovelies :)
Sondra Roberts clutch 
ahhhh...think this is more of a romantic bag....if that makes any sense what so ever.....
Look how you can wear this. . .

 Santi bag
I like.I like so much that i think i love kinda like.
Its different & something people would definitely pass in thse stores.
I am that shopper.
I would walk passed it.Then go home. Then come right back for this
before you disagree...which you are allowed see what i mean


You see.
Even neutrals can be worn in a different way...
its all about the perspective of the way you want to interprete the piece best.
Somehow i do think there are no rules in fashion there is no right or wrong.
I do acknowledge something such as bad taste...
But for the most part of it is is 100% inspiration, love and craziness that lead to "the best dressed"

Maddy Karen

May 17, 2010

Blow Out thE Candles.Make a Wish

Because its my 20th Birthday......

I knew it.Atleast 30 Followers...YAY!!!
i am offficially twenty.
more responsibility.
more hard work.
more fun.
more to life.

I decided today that being 20 means that
* You can hate me but i'll still Be me
*Will jump in the deepest sea and climb the highest mountain
*My dreams are more massive,More UNREALISTIC AND IDEALISTIC!!!!!

and fashion is me, I am fashion
I just wana rule the world
Is that too much to ask for??

Birthday wish : World peace......lmao......Christian Louboutins....please???
Maddy K @ 20

May 12, 2010


Hello you called I can't hear a thing....
Just thought it had a ring to it.
This is just a showing of the creativity of Haus of Gaga,which is a group of stylists, choreographers and designers that  put together  wacky  ideas  for Gaga



White = the new black

Sexy nudes

Statement jewellery

Statement Pieces

Chloé Paraty python bag

J.J Winters Envelope Chain Bag

Yves Saint Laurent Oversized tote

Killer boots

The "structured" look

Modified Harem

Simplicity and the re-invention of the LBD

Fashion scoop predicts...

Black lips.Edgy hair.
Big trend

Playful sinful colours

 scoop of this week....

Then. . .

And now.
Fashion meets music.
at the right doses i think it could works.
This is so out there.
Kelis in Acapella.
Lots of Alexander McQueen inspirations.