August 5, 2010

9 things

1.Casio vintage gold watch ( which i almost bought the other day...but didn't)
2.Random bra thing that i think would go so well with a white light blouse & high waisted black harem pants
3.Gaga for Gaga
4.Sushi...memories of Pralina a really cool place near varsity
5.D squared bone heels...something I would totally buy because normal is sooo Normal.we all need a pair of was-the-designer-high-when-he-made-that shoes...that kind of work
6.Strawberry chessecake after that sushi
7.Crazy print bag...boh0-chic
8. T-shirt dress and heels and hat....going to try and mirror this look
9. High hair bun & Drapped dress ( 5inches and up blogger)