May 27, 2010

Capture me.

Sources ( Paris "07/weburbanist)


I don't even think its appropriate to offer my opinion on his work.
But i will do so, so often we are mesmorised by a picture, but i don't really think it is about the aesthetics or the beauty of the subject that defines that 'awe' or 'speechless-ness' one gets from seeing a picture...more so the way it is interpreted. the colour the angles and the strength/sadness/happiness/elation/ vulnerability that you feel when you see the picture.

Source (top fashion photographers)

I like her work for the take on romance in every picture, i think she makes everything seem so soft and feminine, think thats her personal "signiture".Everything seems so brezzy and if i could put a season to her pictures I would say summer after light rain.

Source( top fashion photographers)
Movement & Story telling.
nothing more & nothing short of amazing.




And. . .and. . .and . . .
wanted to put up so many different photographers up, the last three i'm not too sure about all their campaigns but they have amazing work.First the genious that goes into thinking about such a shoot then actually executing it.Different photographers = different perspectives and ways of telling the "story" or interpreting the item of clothing or just changing perspectives.

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neo mashigo said...

incredible...requesting for more colourful fashion,thats what seems to be in this season too....
luvin iT still