February 4, 2011

"Pretty woman, walking down the street. . ."

50's Blue Dress (Malaysia), Gold and printed shoes (Aldo), Ring (Sass Diva)

I'm really starting to enjoy these photo shoots, in between job seeking and just chilling at home, I suppose it turns the super model button on in me..if such exists.
its a friday, was looking for something classic,simply, flow-y and effortless.
And these Aldo shoes are the first 'expensive' heels I got...
and among the sea of shoes I have I remembered these...
funny how you get something a while back and it works with something new.
Fashion, I suppose.
I saw something really intresting in the Hong Kong Elle, excited to try it out...

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1 comment:

Lydz xX said...

like the colour and style of the dress, looks good with the shoes

Lydz xX