April 25, 2011

They call me 'HER'. . .

Green high waisted skirt YDE, Slouchy vintage top Krush Culture & Zoom platforms

Hey lovelies!!!!!!!!It's been some time. For those,like me, who celebrate Easter...Hope it was blessed. For those of you that celebrate something else or don't celebrate it at all, I wish this time was relaxing and ur well rested :). I am a sucker for finding treasures that people will disregard. I love the compliment u get when u rock something that would have otherwise been considered 'ugly' or 'unfashionable'. You see, for me, I have re-established what beauty is, beauty is that moment, even if it was a split second, of connecting or  captivation that won't go away-it lasts in your memory for ever...lol. Ok, i'm exaggerating...but it makes an impact. If u know what I mean!!! I always read ur suggestions, comments that make me smile like a shy school girl with the biggest crush,and I really appreciate it A LOT!!!!! Keep 'em rolling. If u want me to chec out a blog or read something..pleasure..don't feel shy, we are friends....VIRTUALLY...lol.

Love u



Shasie said...

Great outfit. I love the colorscheme.


Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

I love your hair it so chic and it pulls together the whole look.


Anonymous said...

Great choice of clothes !


Francesca R said...

Wow wow wow you look great!

Kholá said...

Love your pairings here.

lovemins said...

absolutely LOVE the top!!!
xoxo, Saskia