March 2, 2011

...Everybody dies, but not everybody lives. . .

1. Jason Wu inspiration 2 & 4. Krush Kulture dress and Aldo patent leather stilettos 3.Sushi & Kiwi Martini

                                                                                 Jason Wu
<3  Manhattan-based Taiwanese American fashion designer, recently made famous by Michelle O, he used to design dolls so he comes from making very intricate designs and is inspired by a collision of old and new. His attention to detail is thrilling. Really some one to look forward to...the picture is a collage of his inspiration to which he made his new collection...vintage inspired, lace, forward thinking. Think Paris 1960s. I think Visionary.
                                                                                 What I am wearing
Krush Kulture...the name that you will be hearing for some time to come, before I reveal anything I want you to be familar with the name. Best kept secret. Perhaps. These Also pumps are this seasons more than one look shoes...everyone needs a pair of shoes that can go with everything and anything.

                                                                                   Sushi anyone?
This picture is actually from Valentines day, had the most amazing sushi and Kiwi Martini evver. Was I just in a good mood. Perhaps. But do try it out from Rhapsody's. Good Ambiance.Good Food. Private.

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Anonymous said...

Secrets!?!?!- Can't wait to hear all about it! I love the lace detailed top.